A State University established under Bihar Universities Act 1976

Established in 1992 




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Prof. Abha Singh​



Presently Prof. Abha Singh is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of B.N. Mandal University,
Madhepura, Bihar. She is former Head, University Department of Philosophy, Patliputra
University, Patna, Bihar. She is also former Visiting Professor as ICCR Chair at
Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius.


  • Earned National Merit Scholarship for Graduate result in 1977 and Gold Medal for
    Post-Graduate degree in 1979, apart from Ph. D. and D. Litt. in 1986 and 2003
  • Has been lecturing and tutoring to post-graduate and under-graduate students for
    last 40 years
  • Has been involved in various Curricular Developments, such as Syllabus
    Designing, Research Development, and Teacher Trainer
  • Involved in Academic Councils, Moderation Committees, & Examination Boards
  • Has several Academic as well as Administrative experiences and responsibilities.
  • Subject Expert in Selection Committees of several universities across India.
  • Involved in important MoUs formulated for Academic Collaborations.
  • Delivered over 100 Plenary Lectures/ Specialized Lectures – International and
    National – at various fora.
  • Experience of several International Academic Exposures, including Key-note
    Speaker on International Yoga Day at Boulondrone, Madagascar, in 2017,
    organised by Embassy of India at Madagascar.
  • Participated and contributed in promoting and developing Higher Education.
  • Recipient of a Residential Fellowship from ICPR, New Delhi
  • Completed research projects sponsored by UGC (University Grants Commission)
    and ICPR (Indian Council of Philosophical Research).
  • Supervised scholars for research degrees, and also has expertise in adjudication of
    research work.
  • Editor of one research journal, and member of Editorial Board of several research
  • Reviewer of some journals, including internationally acclaimed journal namely
    Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.
  • Organized a number of national and international seminars, and participated in
    over 140 national & international conferences/seminars.
  • Published two books and more than 90 research papers – several of them have
    been indexed in the ‘Philosopher’s Index’, U.S.A., as well as ‘Bibliographique de
    Philosophie’, Belgium.
  • Received several Awards and Honours for Outstanding Work.
  • Currently engaged in promoting Gender Equality, Indian Culture and Indian